Building a Fully-Engaged Church

The “Fully-Engaged Members” program answers the eternal question, “How do I get more people to volunteer?” Begging and pleading for volunteers is exhausting, and too many church leaders experience this problem. Getting more people to volunteer isn’t about having more people attend the church, but rather having the members God has called to your church to become fully-engaged.  Learn how to develop fully-engaged members who build an atmosphere of volunteering. This practical 5-step process will have you walking towards having more volunteers than you can use!

The book provides an initial framework for this process. The video series digs deeper into each step and provides more practical illustrations. The coaching sessions offer personal insights to your specific issues via a conference call answering your questions. For more customized coaching and guidance, contact Jim Watson here.

Fully-Engaged Church Products

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Fully-Engaged Church – E-Book

Fully-Engaged Church – Video Series

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