Do We Present a Secure or Desperate Person?

John Maxwell states in his book, “Winning With People”, “Secure people don’t feel they always have to win, and they don’t have anything to prove.  Security is the most disarming of all traits.  Approachable people are at ease with themselves, and that puts others at ease.”

When we talk with parishioners, customers, board members are we secure or are we trying to convince people of our value?  Do we come across as secure or possibly desperate?

The question becomes who are we trying to convince: the person we are talking to or ourselves?

Belief in who we are can be difficult.  So many books out there telling us how to do things better. If we are this way or that way we can increase our effectiveness, attract more people to our churches or businesses and be more productive.

Don’t get me wrong adding to our knowledge is important and can be pivotal to growing.  We have to make sure we aren’t trying to become someone else.  As we try to become someone else we lose ourselves and in turn lose security.

I like the teachings of John Maxwell and I have learned a lot from him.  I have to make sure I am not trying to be John Maxwell.  I have a whole different set of gifts, strengths and abilities.  If I try to be him, I then work outside of my strengths and become insecure.  That can affect how successful I can be.

I spend time teaching others: know your strengths, gifts and abilities and work there.  In a world of 7 billion people you are the only person who can do what you have been designed to do.  We already have a John Maxwell, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg… we don’t need another one.  We need the next greatest thing… that is you at your fullest potential.

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