Perspective Can Lead to Victory or Defeat

Perspective – Gives Victory or Defeat

Perspective can keep us on the road to victory or bring us on the side road to defeat.

What happens in our life when the train goes off the rails? When a business plan falls apart? When our child makes a bad decision and does significant damage to their life?

It is those times we get to truly see who we are.

In those moments what is our perspective? Is the disaster upsetting, but an issue I can work through and continue going where I need to be? Or is the issue all consuming and all I can see is negativity? Everything is terrible and life stinks.

Our perspective tells us where we live. If I pitch my tent in negativity that is my home. My thoughts, my words, my actions will circle around that attitude.

If I pitch my tent where I can learn, adapt and overcome that is my home. The issue will pass, I will learn, my business will grow, I will be a source of strength for my family and I will go forward.

The apostle Paul in Philippians 3:13 said, “…forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead…”

A fully-engaged person is looking to hit on all cylinders no matter the circumstance. The eye is on the prize in which they have been called. The difficult issue is never greater than what you have been called to.

The question is: when trouble comes where do we tend to camp? The beauty of it all; the choice is ours.


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