Human Being or Human Doing

I had a friend who loved that phrase, “we are human beings not human doings.”

Human doings wake up with no plans. They eat breakfast, go to work, react to whatever happens to them come home have dinner watch TV and go to bed. They are on automode. Never really accomplishing anything except getting through the day.

Human being are in the moment. They know who God created them to be and have planned their day. They mapped out what they are looking to accomplish. They are deliberate about their day and looking to live in their day not survive. They don’t let the day move them they move the day.

What I love about the bible is that it is full on wisdom if you are a believer or not a believer. There is a verse from Philippians 4:13 that Christians love to quote “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

The word “do” caught my eye. The word is translated – to perform or carry out. To work on to bring to completion.

For God to strengthen we need to be accomplishing and working to completion. That we are taking deliberate action.

Today are we a human being or a human doing? Are we working on something and planning to have it brought to completion? We have a God who desires to strengthen us.

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